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270° view or 360° panoramic view – one system, many advantages



Optimally adapted to the needs of the driver, vehicles and a range of applications:

System solutions for

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Logistics
  • Rails
  • Transport
  • Defence


You can benefit from

  • No blindspots – fewer accidents
  • Easy manoeuvring
  • One system solution for all sectors

360° Panoramic View

Turning corners safely

Turning corners safely

Clear view of cyclists and pedestrians next to the vehicle: The Motec MVS system allows the driver to recognise dangerous turning situations even in difficult situations.
Parking with perfect view

Parking with perfect view

No chance for blind spots: The split screen visualisation provides the driver with a full panoramic view and a view of the area at the rear of the vehicle when reversing into a parking space. Costly material damage to the vehicle and other assets can now me pre-empted.
Safe Starts

Safe Starts

Unrestricted visibility in front of the vehicle: The 360° panoramic image allows the driver to quickly and reliably see any obstacle in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.
Easy Manoeuvring

Easy Manoeuvring

Perfect visibility for manoeuvring in tight areas: The 360° panoramic image of the MVS offers the kind of visibility the driver needs for manoeuvring in tight spots – with ease and without having to leave the vehicle.

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Our quality solutions are tailored on an accurate, modular basis to your requirements and the specifications of your vehicle and machinery types.

MVS brochure

MVS brochure

Systems, components and typical applications at a glance


Operating and installation instructions:

Installation instruction MVS 2.0

These installation instructions are intended for the personnel of the manufacturer or for personnel trained by the manufacturer who have been commissioned to install the product.


Operating instruction MVS 2.0

These operating instructions are intended only for trained and authorized drivers/operators.



Mobile Vicinity Scout Video


MVS step by step calibration


MVS step by step instruction for the manual calibration


MVS step by step instruction for the configuration of static overlays


MVS step by step instruction for the configuration of switch lines