Human rights

Ethical behaviour is one of Motec's irrevocable guiding principles. We respect, protect and promote international guidelines on the protection of human rights as a fundamental, universally applicable principle. This applies not only to cooperation within our company, but also to the behaviour of and to business partners. Motec does not accept child labour among its suppliers or their subcontractors and is also active in preventing it.


Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities provide the basis for fair, open discourse without prejudice. Motec promotes diversity and tolerance with a view to achieving the best possible productivity, creativity and efficiency. We do not tolerate discrimination. Motec offers equal opportunities to men and women. We respect and observe membership of any ethnic or national group, race, religion, world view, age, disability, sexual orientation or other characteristics which are protected by law.


Environmental protection

Motec is continuously working to reduce the emissions caused by its production and to improve production methods, with a view to minimising energy and raw material consumption. In order to comply with this requirement, we have set up an environmental management system and have been successfully certified in accordance with ISO 14001. All employees must consider environmental protection requirements as part of their everyday work.


Product safety

Extremely high product quality is one of our primary targets. We comply with all legal and technical guidelines and standards for product safety and incorporates them even at the product development phase. Established, standardised processes ensure compliance with the necessary regulations and standards and are regularly checked for effectiveness and practicality.


Business relationships

Motec sets great store on openness and transparency in business relationships. We are consistent in implementing the statutory framework conditions, internal guidelines and company values and in communicating them clearly and unequivocally.


Market and competition

We are a fair, responsible competitor in our markets. We operate our business exclusively based on performance and based on the market economy and free, unhindered competition. We always comply with laws and legislation and with ethical principles. This also means we select our suppliers and service-providers carefully based on professional criteria.


Protection of data, business secrets and operating assets

Motec protects the personal data of employees, customers, suppliers and other parties affected. We gather, collect, process, use and save only the personal data which is required under statutory law or necessary for the normal running of the company. We are aware of the value of the company's know-how and protect it carefully. The intellectual property of competitors and business partners is recognised and respected.


Motec Supplier Code of Conduct

Ethics and personal responsibility as the basis for long-term success - the Motec Supplier Code of Conduct to download in PDF format (1.16 MB)