Advantage through development know-how

Motec has more than 30+ years experience in the development, the design and customisation of rugged camera monitor systems for mobile applications. Our experience is based on the creation of high value, which is added at our German location and rooted in long-term in-house development and production know-how. The close and interdisciplinary teamwork of our divisions—from electronics and software development to design, test management, production and cable assembly—enables us to develop our own designs as well as customer-specific camera monitor systems to the highest quality standards.

The list below presents a selection of the core competences of the Motec Development Department. If you are interested in establishing a development cooperation with us, or if you are interested in the development of customer-specific systems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Motec development capabilities

  • In-house electronic, software and mechanical development
  • Design and production of analogue and digital heavy-duty cameras
  • CCD and CMOS experience
  • Comprehensive FPGA know-how
  • Development of standard and customised special cameras

Electronic system development
  • Motec has many years of experience in the development of robust cameras (CCD and CMOS technology)for the mobile use and their adaptation to customer- and application-specific features. This expertise extends to the development of complex and reliable video control monitors, e.g., CMOS technology
  • Extensive experience in the development of complex high-speed designs with Altera and Xilinx FPGA and DDR3 memory integration
  • Comprehensive knowledge when it comes to the consideration of environmental effects when using commercial vehicles in rough terrain (vibration, shock and temperature resistance, EMC performance, protective circuits, etc.). Furthermore, we also take into account the special requirements of mobile power supply systems (wide voltage ranges, load dump, etc.)
  • Development of electronic systems, taking into account industry-specific requirements and standards (e.g., MIL standards)

Software development

  • Programming complex embedded systems including FPGA- and micro controller programming (Hardware/Software Codesign, In-the-loop testing)
  • CAN bus programming and the evaluation and programming of analogue and digital control signals
  • Image processing and extensive image evaluation, such as image optimisation, pattern recognition, stitching, etc.
  • Application development and programming of ergonomically designed user interfaces
  • Development of apps for operating systems of mobile terminals such as Android or iOS

  • Design and optimisation of cameras with regard to viewing angle and visual field
  • 3D design of robust and ergonomic housings for commercial vehicle use in close coordination with the electronics development department (simultaneous engineering)
  • Development of enclosures, taking into account durability and impermeability to protect against environmental influences (dirty water, dust, heat, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation)
  • Technical know-how in the design of aluminium die-casting and plastic injection-moulded housings, aluminium and stainless steel milling housings, sheet metal bending parts and their respective surface treatment
  • Development of protective covers for the use in explosion-hazardous areas classified as Zone 1