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The Motec Workview System is a compact, wireless camera monitor system suitable for any type of crane and crane application. The digital radio system MAB2000-Set-2 is the basic module. The modular system design allows the addition of further components such as monitors, cameras, pendulum units and VCR. This allows the system to be individually adapted to special requirements.

MWS – Motec Workview System


Product characteristics at a glance

  • Applicable for all crane types
  • Modular concept
  • Operating time up to 28 hours on one battery
  • Interference resistant digital wireless system with low
  • latency (180m/s)
  • Up to 10 systems simultaniously
  • Simple and flexible installation with heavy-duty magnets
  • and brackets
  • Shock and vibration resistant

The MC5200 is a heavy-duty motor zoom camera to monitor crane hooks, winches and loads. State-of-the-art video module technology provides sharp and high-contrast images allowing for an 18-times optical zoom and a 26-times digital zoom. The Motec System-Bus (MSB) controls the camera. The MC5200 it is also available as EX2 version.

MC5200 – Motor zoom camera


Product characteristics at a glance

  • Sturdy aluminium casing
  • Sharp image with full contrast
  • Up to 26x optical zoom:
  • Horizontal view angle from 1.6° to 47.5° degrees
  • Built-in screen heating

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Our quality solutions are tailored on an accurate, modular basis to your requirements and the specifications of your cranes and machinery types.

Certified quality

Top quality at every level Motec is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO14001 and carries the AEO certificate as an Approved Economic Operator.


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