Customized camera systems and business solutions

We believe in a work environment without fatal accidents with mobile machines. We believe in a work environment without stressed drivers caused by a lack of visibility or by unplanned downtimes due to incorrect posture. And we believe in a more efficient work through less damage and saved costs.

We think that these goals can only be accomplished with own hardware components and own software development. Thus, we founded our own development center for advanced vehicle assistance systems (MENAS) and invest time in hardware and software development. We test and validate software algorithms for customized driver’s assistance systems for utility vehicles and mobile machines. As a consequence, we can be sure that we can provide you with the appropriate camera system for every vehicle and for all purposes.

With our in-house development and production of camera systems, we can assure you the longevity of our products and their resistance to tough working conditions. Our camera systems are designed to adapt to different types of vehicles to solve any kind of visibility problems. Our interfaces are developed to integrate in vehicle electronics and to operate with available sensors.

The benefits for you

  • More than 30+ years of experience in the industry
  • In-house development center
  • In-house camera production
  • In-house cable production
  • Flexible, modular product range
  • Certified product quality