Motec Workview System (MWS): The flexible camera system for cranes


Motec Workview System (MWS): The flexible camera system for cranes

Motec wireless camera system gives crane drivers more flexibility and safety

Lifting, moving and setting down heavy, sometimes expensive loads requires precision from crane drivers and their teams. Even now, cranes lift many loads “blind”. Crane drivers must rely on the instructions of slingers and colleagues who hook up the load and direct them to the right place. They normally do it “blind”, i.e. they can see neither the suspended load nor the destination, which can be dangerous, as instructions sent over the radio can be inaccurate or misunderstood. Innovative technologies can help here, making things safer for all involved. MWS, the mobile, flexible “Workview System” from Motec GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of heavy-duty camera systems from Hadamar, can be fitted to and removed from any model of mobile machine in just a few minutes. So it is perfect as an inexpensive retrofit or conversion and an additional tool that crane hire companies can offer to their customers, all with “Made in Germany” quality.

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