In-house development of algorithms for commercial vehicle assistance systems

The Motec Entwicklungszentrum für Nutzfahrzeug-Assistenzsysteme (MENAS – Center for Commercial Vehicle Assistance Systems) pools the know-how of Motec GmbH in the areas of computer vision, image processing and real-time systems. Founded in Koblenz, Germany, Motec GmbH laid the MENAS cornerstone in order to continue to meet the increasing demands for driver assistance systems in commercial vehicles, as more and more users are relying on increased safety and efficiency. By applying the concepts of MENAS, it is intended to improve the camera monitor systems made by Motec and develop advanced software algorithms for autonomous processes. In cooperation with different universities, MENAS is working towards an innovative image analysis, object, pattern and person recognition, and sensor fusion for commercial vehicles. In particular, this means:

  • The development and integration of sensors for scanning the surroundings of the commercial vehicles (mono and stereo cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors) and
  • The development, validation and integration of algorithms for detecting the surroundings, sensor fusion and (semi-) autonomous control of commercial vehicles
Main topics

  • Real-time image processing
    FPGA-based real-time image processing, enhancement and recognition, including the recognition of patterns, objects and persons
  • Top view projection
    Algorithms to generate variable, intelligent 270° and 360° displays, including the associated calibration and customising software
  • Sensor fusion
    Algorithms for the reliable fusion of different environmental data of mono and stereo cameras, radar and ultrasonic sensors
  • Stereo vision
    Generation of disparity maps and 3D point clouds, object recognition and object tracking as well as ground plane estimation
  • Machine vision
    Algorithms for detecting and classifying objects and vehicles, including their speed, relative position and direction
  • Driver assistance systems
    Vehicle-specific static and dynamic overlays, algorithms to calculate the trajectories and visualisation, collision warning and machine control
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