Software Download for Digital Cameras

Software and documents for commissioning the MCDE3000 and MCDE/B7000

The GStreamer is a library that can process and display various multimedia data streams. The instruction available here will help you to get the software up and running. You can use GStreamer in your own application development and to display the Motec video stream.

Motec Player
The Motec Player gives you the ability to view multiple camera streams simultaneously on one system, and to choose between different layout options. Please select the appropriate ZIP file for your System.

Motec Player
Motec Player

Motec CameraScanner
The Motec CameraScanner is used to easily identify our cameras in your network. It displays all active cameras in a local network.


Motec CameraConfigurator
The Motec CameraConfigurator can be used to find and configure cameras in the network that do not have a web interface. The tool is only compatible with the MCDE/B7000/9000.

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