The first close battles arose at the qualifying and at the SuperPole on Saturday. Jochen got hold of the second place on the grid of the first race of the season – right to Norbert Kiss starting from first position. Lukas also performed well. Getting hold of the ninth position on the grid, he ranked among the top ten right from the SuperPole.

At the first race, Jochen got off to a good start – although he didn’t manage to pass Kiss. As a consequence of an accident at the early stages of the race, the French pilot Anthony Janiec saw himself forced to park his MAN at a quite unfavorable position. The result: The race was red flagged. By then, Lukas had already ranked up to sixth position. And yet, the race was restarted with its original grid. This time, Lukas was not that lucky. When he collided with the Scania driven by Steffen Faas, he dropped back quick some positions – and Steffen Faas was given a 30-second penalty. Jochen managed to evade any skirmish and finished second right behind Kiss – his first podium position of the new season. Ranking third, Sascha Lenz (GER) was followed by Adam Lacko (CZE) and Jochen’s teammate Steffi Halm.

The second race of the day was started with reversed grid. This time René Reinert shot his truck – another Iveco S-Way serviced by Team Hahn Racing – to the top of the field.

Towards the end of the first lap, however, several trucks hit a smear of oil – a remnant of the supporting program – and slid off the track. Adam Lacko made good use of this situation and took the lead. Jochen also got well through the danger zone and managed to rank up to fourth position at the early stages of the race – chasing a close battle group consisting of Lacko, Lenz and Kiss. Second by second, Jochen closed up to them finally crossing the line right behind the leading trio. As Kiss was given a 10-second penalty for overspeeding, Jochen won his second podium position right at the second race of the season closely following Lacko and Lenz.

As a result of his great performance, Lukas finished seventh and thus achieved his first podium position at the Promoters Cup. At the team championship, Jochen Hahn and Steffi Halm, known as “Die Bullen von Iveco” (“the Iveco bulls”), also achieved a podium position.

Following a Saturday with beautiful race weather, Sunday racing began with a warm-up session on a wet track. Until the qualifying, the track dried off more and more. With these adverse conditions, Jochen got hold of the third position on the grid. This time, Lukas missed out on the top ten by a wee bit as he got hold of the 11th position on the grid.

Right before the first Sunday race, heavy rainfall set in again and flooding large parts of the Autodrom in Most. As a result, the stewards decided to start the race with two laps under yellow flag – i.e. no passing allowed.When the race started off well at the third lap, a whole bunch of trucks flew off the track due to aquaplaning. The result: red flags. The race was stopped again.

This time, it took two and a half hours until the stewards decided to restart the race under somewhat better conditions. Norbert Kiss took the lead closely followed by Sascha Lenz, Jochen Hahn and Adam Lacko. The Czech pilot is known to be an expert fir rainy track conditions and he knows his home circuit in Most inside out. As a result, he managed to pass the Hahn Iveco after just three laps. With only two laps left to go, Kiss slowed down due to a technical problem. Sascha Lenz and Adam Lacko found the matching gap to pass their competitor, Jochen was too late. He thus missed out on the podium by just a wee bit as he ranked fourth.

Despite tough conditions, Lukas performed well, avoided any mistakes and finished 11th. At the team championship, “the Iveco bulls” achieved yet another podium ranking. Due to the adverse conditions and as time was running out, the last race was finally canceled.

Jochen now ranks fourth on the FIA overall standings while his son Lukas also earned his first FIA points to end up on eighth position on the overall standings and third on the Promoters Cup standings.

After the first round of the season, “the Iveco bulls” now rank second on the team standings.

Overall Standings:
  • Sascha Lenz            41 Points
  • Norbert Kiss             37 Points
  • Adam Lacko             35 Points
  • Jochen Hahn            33 Points
  • Steffi Halm                20 Points
  • Jamie Anderson       14 Points
  • Anthony Janiec         9 Points
  • Antonio Albacete      5 Points
  • Lukas Hahn              5 Points