Keeping tabs on everything: Individual system solutions providing an ideal view

We have developed from a camera manufacturer to a system provider over the last 20 years. Our powerful technology is supported by the extensive experience as well as market and industry expertise of our employees. They are familiar with our customers' requirements and business processes, knowing the different applications and their inherent view problems. Today, Motec stands for intelligent solutions which are exactly tailored to the relevant requirements and applications of our customers. Our aim is to always provide you with the solution which best resolves your visibility problem.


Keeping tabs on everything: Robust quality to ensure utmost reliability

Quality and reliability are the pillars of our work. Quality is a matter of attitude. All our employees are deeply committed to our challenging quality targets. The selection and processing of raw materials and materials as well as development, production and service have reached OEM standards. Motec complies with all international industry and quality standards. All our processes are seamlessly monitored and documented. In addition we are a vertically integrated manufacturer - simply "made in Germany". Our aim is to always provide the best and most reliable product.


Keeping tabs on everything: Competent service for smooth operation

Downtimes lead to financial losses and time losses while causing headaches, too. To make sure that you stay mobile and reduce downtimes to a minimum, we offer a 24 hour promise. This means that we will solve your problem with 24 hours. Our customers rely on specially trained service technicians who are familiar not only with the technology, but also with practical requirements. Our aim is to always provide you with a quick solution when you need it.


Keeping tabs on everything: An attractive environment for excellent employees

As an owner-managed company, Motec stands for long-term perspectives, reliability, as well as responsible and respectful contact with employees, customers and partners. Our flat hierarchies and our open, respectful communication offer an ideal environment inviting everyone to present his ideas and to actively participate in the development of our company while also allowing employees to focus on their personal development. Our aim is to find the best employees, attract them to the company and provide them with continuous professional development.