Camera systems for utility vehicles and industrial mobile machines

Save lifes, help people, reduce costs

We protect lives by increasing the safety of mobile machines and their surroundings. We facilitate the work of machine operators by reducing stress and uncomfortable body posture. We help companies to become more successful by accelerating processes and reducing damages.

Our camera systems provide drivers with a clear view of areas that are not visible without any technical support (blind spots). Furthermore, they can observe processes within machines that are not visible from outside.

Motec camera systems have been designed for rough working conditions and for continuous use in all weathers – sturdy, reliable, individual. Benefit from 30+ years of experience.

Heavy-Duty is more than just a promise for us: Quality “Made in Germany”

  • Housings for a long lifetime and high EMV-Perfomance
  • Extra strong and chemically hardened protection glass (Cameras)
  • Dust and high pressure cleaner resistant (LP68, LP69K) because of airtight seal
  • Robust mechanical design with vibration and shock resistant electronic
  • Operating temperature -60°C…+85°C
  • Reliable board power supply system suitable electronic with various cable and plug alternatives