Motec Front Camera System for Monitoring Cross Traffic

Motor vehicles with front-mounted devices or attachments and the resulting excess front-end dimensions (if 3.50 m from the center of the steering wheel to the end of the front-mounted device are exceeded) must take operational measures to ensure that the resulting restricted field of vision is compensated for.

With the Motec front camera system (VKMS) you have an efficient solution to this problem, as it meets all the legal requirements of a camera monitor system for front attachments and has been tested by the DLG for series acceptance or individual acceptance!

8 good reasons for a Motec front camera system

  • Meets all legal requirements for a stem camera system
  • DLG tested for series acceptance or individual acceptance
  • No reflections on camera front glass thanks to optical interference coating
  • Camera with lens optimized for stray light and automotive CMOS sensor
  • High flexibility allows adaptation to a wide variety of stem devices
  • Can also be used in winter with heating and a high-pressure cleaning set
  • Robust construction guarantees a long service life in rough use
  • Motec quality "Made in Germany"