Digital and Intelligent Motec Heavy-Duty Multi-Camera Video Control Units

Up to 8 cameras and up to 5 monitors can be connected to Motec video control units. With the help of the video control units, the drivers always have an overview and can control all important camera functions with just a few movements.

Why do you need a Motec video control unit?

Additional cameras and monitors can be connected to a commercial vehicle or mobile machine using the Motec video control units. The driver thus receives a multi-camera monitor system. Using the selection functions on the monitor, he can put together various picture modes on the monitor himself:

  • Individual display of up to 8 images on the monitor
  • Connection of up to 8 heavy-duty cameras
  • Connection of up to 5 heavy-duty monitors
  • Analogue and digital radio transmission
  • Symbols, logos and images can be displayed (overlays)
  • Integration of sensors (radar, ultrasound)
  • CAN bus, control lines, Ethernet
  • Future-proof through software updates
  • Motec quality "Made in Germany"