The Heavy-Duty 360° Top View System

The Motec Mobile Vicinity Scout (MVS) is a camera system developed specifically for use with utility vehicles, allowing the driver a clear, seamless 270° or 360° panoramic view around his vehicle – to ensure the safety of individuals, prevent accidents, and save costs.

The MVS system complies with all requirements of heavy duty and utility vehicles in the construction, community services, and cargo traffic, agriculture, and logistics sectors: Its sturdy design guarantees a long service life in demanding environments, while its high flexibility allows the adaptation of the system to the most varied vehicle types and visibility issues. The open interfaces allow a comprehensive integration in on-board electronics, and connection to any existing sensor arrays. The system can be simply and quickly calibrated in minutes – as part of a factory-side serial calibration or on-site for a specific vehicle – by one single person, without the need of a laptop or costly service technician deployments.

The Motec MVS system scores top marks for its excellent image quality, flexibility, and reliability – quality "Made in Germany".


  • Crystal clear, intuitive bird's eye perspective display of the vehicle's surroundings
  • Specifically developed for heavy duty applications and utility vehicles – flexible, adjustable, reliable
  • Customizable dynamic overlays
  • Expandable for ultra sound or radar sensors integration
  • Simple, end-of-line as well as in-field calibration