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The camera MC3050B-4-VKMS is a heavy-duty camera, specially developed for front implements. Unlike the proven camera series MC3000B, its front pane has a double-sided optical interference coating. This sophisticated coating prevents optical reflections which could occur on the glass surface by sunlight or artificial light. In addition to this, the camera is equipped with a highend, low stray light lens. Therefore, reflections can be reduced to a minimum. Even at low sun or glaring headlights,

the camera still provides realistic images. Thus, the camera MC3050B-4-VKMS is an essential part of

the camera monitor system for front implements. So the camera system passed all tests prescribed by the German Ministry of Transport.

MC3050B-4-VKMS – Heavy-duty camera for front implements


Les caractéristiques du produit en un coup d'œil

  • Front pane with double-sided optical interference coating
  • Low stray light lens
  • Automotive CMOS sensor
  • 50° horizontal view
  • 2.5 W screen heater
  • Immersion and jet cleaning-proof (IP68 and IP69K)
  • Operating and storage temperature -60 °C…+85 °C
  • On-board network integration capability, 9 V…32 V DC
  • Made in Germany

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